Monday, July 14, 2008

On a Roll!!

I got so much accomplished this weekend!!!
I managed to not stress about the reception, although it's still in the back of my mind but I'm not worrying about it right now.
Got the list together for my photographer, I'm going to give it to her on Saturday when I see her.
I didn't get to call the hair salon and the bridal salon but that's first on my list to do tomorrow.
Fiance and I talked about what 'our song' could be and he said he's got one that he listens to at work that he thinks might work (he's bringing it home tonight for me to listen to so I'll let you know how that goes)
I ordered my Reception & Direction inserts for my invites.....I needed something that was a little more detailed than what the invitation company had to offer....I ordered off of vista print and got a card that I was able to put the directions to the recpetion on the front and accomodations on the back....I think they'll turn out pretty good and they are SUPER cheap! are the extra things that I was able to get accomplished..........
I got a dress for my shower in August from TJ Maxx and it's a BCBG originally $160 and I got it for $29.99!

I got some really pretty vintage looking frames ($6.99 each) for my Bridesmaids and I'm going to put these poems in them that I got from Miss Prep-E Girls blog! And then I'm going to give them a picture of me and each one of them at my wedding....after the fact.

And finally I got some wooden letters ($12.99 each) that I'm going to hang on the Church doors with what else but Tartan Ribbon!
(photo from Martha Stewart)

(I'm going to get my rear in gear and take pictures of my shower dress, frames and the letters but they are at my parents house so it might be next week when I post them)


  1. I love weekends like that! Congrats on getting so much done! Those letters for the doors are adorable!

  2. I love the letters. That's a great idea!

  3. Panera! I'm so impressed with everything that you were able to accomplish this weekend! Great job..your wedding will be beautiful!